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Wounds on your feet and ankles aren’t anything to ignore just because your circulatory system has to work against the force of gravity and it takes wounds longer to heal. If you have a wound that doesn’t seem to be healing, request an evaluation at Town Center Foot & Ankle right away. You can request an appointment by calling the office in Kingwood, Texas, or by using the requesting feature online.

Wound Care Q & A

What causes foot wounds?

Wounds on your feet can occur easily if you cut your toenails incorrectly, stub your toe, or step on a sharp object while barefoot. The reason why wounds in your lower extremities can be so dangerous is because your circulatory system has to work very hard to get blood all the way down to your feet, all while fighting against gravity.

Because blood flow is limited — especially if you’re older, have diabetes, or have heart disease — wounds can’t heal as quickly as they do on other parts of your body.

What’s particularly concerning is that if you have diabetes, you can develop nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy). So when an injury occurs (diabetic ulcer), you might not even be able to feel it and it can quickly become infected. Foot wounds can also develop because of:

  • Foot deformities
  • Friction or pressure from shoes
  • Trauma or injury

It’s important to check your feet regularly for signs of wounds and know when it’s time to see your podiatrist.

When should I see a doctor for foot wounds?

Foot wounds that are left untreated can easily become infected and that infection can spread all over your body. It’s important to head into Town Center Foot & Ankle if you have an open wound that is:

  • Red and inflamed
  • Leaking pus or draining
  • Throbbing with pain
  • Getting worse


Having a fever or feeling that your wound is warm to the touch can be red flags that you have an underlying infection that requires immediate medical intervention.

How are foot wounds treated?

The expert team of podiatrists at Town Center Foot & Ankle are incredibly thorough about treating foot wounds. After cleaning the wound, they may need to:

  • Remove dead skin tissue (debridement)
  • Apply antimicrobial topical medication
  • Wrap the wound


Your practitioner even spends time teaching you how to properly care for your wound at home, so it can heal effectively. If you have a wound or diabetic ulcer along the bottom of your foot, the area needs to be off-loaded.

This means that it’s important to keep pressure and friction off the area to ensure it fully heals. The team can design custom orthotics for you and help you select proper footwear or braces to minimize weight-bearing on your foot.

If you have a foot wound, request an evaluation at Town Center Foot & Ankle right away. Request your appointment by calling the office or with the online scheduling feature.