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Foot fractures can lead to chronic pain and instability if they’re not properly diagnosed right away — even if it’s just a minor stress fracture. At Town Center Foot & Ankle in Kingwood, Texas, you can get comprehensive diagnostic care and effective treatment, all under one roof. If you have a broken bone in your foot or ankle, request an evaluation by calling the clinic to speak with a team member or by requesting online.

Foot Fracture Q & A

What are the symptoms of a foot fracture?

With 26 bones in each of your feet, in addition to your ankle bones and joint, you have a lot of room for injury. To make matters worse, foot fractures aren’t always obvious. Unless you have a complete break that causes a bump, you might not know right away that you broke a bone in your foot. Some of the initial warning signs of a foot fracture include:

  • Difficulty bearing weight on the foot
  • Swelling, bruising, or tenderness
  • Pain that worsens during normal activities


You might also notice that any pain you do have diminishes shortly after you elevate your foot and rest it.

How is a foot fracture treated?

As soon as an injury occurs, your body immediately jumps into action and starts healing. While this response is ideal, in the case of a fracture, if you don’t have it properly set, it might not heal correctly and leave you with chronic pain and instability.

If you suspect you have a foot fracture, it’s important to head to Town Center Foot & Ankle as soon as possible for a thorough diagnosis. Even a minor stress fracture requires immediate medical intervention. Depending on the severity of your foot fracture, your treatment plan can include:

  • Bracing or casting
  • Walking with crutches
  • Physical therapy
  • Ultrasound therapy through physical therapy
  • Electrical stimulation


For minor fractures or to help prevent future injuries once you’re healed, your podiatrist might suggest getting fitted for orthotic inserts. These custom-laser scanned inserts help stabilize your foot and provide ultimate support.

Do I need surgery for a broken foot?

Possibly, although unless you have a complete break, foot surgery is generally the last resort if conservative treatments aren’t helping you. Surgery for a foot fracture — which sometimes includes stress fractures — involves implanting supportive screws, pins, or plates.

With a team of podiatric surgeons and practitioners available to treat your broken foot at Town Center Foot & Ankle, you can feel confident about having a full recovery, no matter how severe your foot fracture may be.

Request your foot fracture evaluation at Town Center Foot & Ankle by calling the office to request or with the online scheduling feature.