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Physical therapy is one of the best solutions for recovering from injuries, getting through instability, and relieving chronic pain. If you need physical therapy for foot and ankle issues, including sports injuries, the podiatric team at Town Center Foot & Ankle can help. In Kingwood, Texas, you have a physical therapy office nearby. Request your evaluation through your physician and conveniently schedule your first session at the Kingwood office.

Physical Therapy Q & A

Why do I need physical therapy?

The purpose of physical therapy is to help your body heal, decrease pain and swelling, and to improve range of motion and muscle strength. You might need physical therapy to:

  • Heal after surgery
  • Increase joint stability
  • Restore proper alignment
  • Prevent joint stiffening
  • Break down scar tissue


Physical therapy isn’t always needed for injury or surgery recovery. Many men and women who have chronic pain-causing conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and peripheral neuropathy, all benefit from physical therapy, too.

What happens during physical therapy?

Physical therapy sessions are tailored to you based on how you feel, how well you’re progressing, and whether or not you’re in any pain at the time. No two visits are the same. As the name implies, sessions are physical.

You’re going to learn stretches and strengthening exercises that are designed to help the affected area heal. Usually, you have several different types of exercises and recommended sets to perform during every appointment. Sessions can also include:

  • Electrical stimulation
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Hydrotherapy or cryotherapy


At the end of your appointments, you’re given a detailed list of exercises to perform at home, so you can continue strengthening and stretching between office visits.

How long do I need physical therapy?

Because no two patients are the same, each physical therapy plan offered at Town Center Foot & Ankle is different. It just takes time for your body to heal and for tissues to repair. Generally, most men and women need 2-3 weekly physical therapy sessions for at least one month.

You might need to come in several times a week for several months for more severe injuries and fractures. During your initial evaluation, your dedicated practitioner lets you know about how long you’re going to need physical therapy. Plus, when you get about halfway through your projected treatment plan, they re-evaluate you to see if you’re still on track, or if you need to add-on additional sessions.

The expert podiatry team at Town Center Foot & Ankle offer customized physical therapy treatments right in the office. Request your evaluation through your physician and conveniently schedule your first session at their Atascocita office.