Step Into the New Year With Fungus-free Nails

Fungus can grow in the most unexpected places. Thriving in damp and darkness, fungus can take root in your feet. Many people deal with toenail fungus infections at some point in their lives. 

If you have fungal growths on your nails, make 2021 the year you kick your foot fungus problem for good.

At Town Center Foot & Ankle, we can clear up your fungal issues with a full range of professional treatment options. From preventive advice to cutting-edge in-office treatments, we have the tools you need to keep your feet and nails fungus-free all year long.

Our care team, led by Stephen Eichelsdorfer, DPM, treats new and existing patients from around the Kingwood and Atascocita, Texas area. We can clear up your symptoms rapidly, using the best treatment options for your foot care needs.

Picking up an unwanted fungus

Mushrooms make a great addition to many dishes, but foot fungus is a less-welcome guest. You could be exposed to foot fungus in many locations, including public pools and locker rooms. 

You’re more likely to develop a fungal infection in your toenails if you have diabetes or a history of athlete’s foot. You may also notice that you become more prone to fungal infections as you age.

Once your feet pick up a fungus, it makes a home in the sensitive tissue around your nail bed. You’re most likely to develop fungal infections around your big toe, but any and all of your toes could potentially be affected. 

You may see spots or pale areas, or warping and thickening around the edges of your nail.

Toenail fungus infections don’t get better on their own. You need treatment to restore the health of your nails and nail beds. Without care, the fungal infection could spread and cause pain and redness around your nails, or, eventually, infections in your feet.

Professional anti-fungal treatment

While over-the-counter and home remedies for foot fungus exist, you might find that you don’t succeed in permanently addressing your fungal infection with these strategies. 

If so, turn to us at Town Center Foot & Ankle for expert treatment. We can help you clear up your foot fungus problems for good.

You might benefit from treatment options including:

To learn more about your treatment options for toenail fungus at Town Center Foot & Ankle, get in touch with either of our offices today. You can book your initial consultation appointment with our podiatry experts online, or give us a call. Our offices are in Kingwood and Atascocita, Texas.

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