How to Get Rid of Athlete's Foot for Good

How to Get Rid of Athlete's Foot for Good

Athlete’s foot is a fungal podiatric infection that causes uncomfortable and unsightly symptoms. Also known as tinea pedis, this fungal infection is easy to catch and likes warm, dark, and damp conditions, like those found between your toes.

If you've spent time having summer fun at a public pool or if the back-to-school season has you getting back in athletic condition, you could be at risk for athlete's foot.

At Town Center Foot & Ankle in Kingwood and Atascocita, Texas, we provide effective treatment for athlete’s foot. Cases of athlete’s foot often recur, so turn to professional podiatry experts like our team, under the leadership of Stephen Eichelsdorfer, DPM, for your foot fungus problems.

Understanding athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot gets its name from one of the most common vectors of transmission for this fungal foot infection. Since this fungus is highly contagious and thrives in warm, damp environments, the prime locations to catch a case of athlete’s foot are public pools and shared shower spaces at the gym. Using shower shoes lowers your risk for contracting athlete’s foot.

You can also develop athlete’s foot if you go too long before changing your socks and shoes when they get sweaty, or from sharing socks or shoes with someone who already has a foot fungus infection. 

Watch out for bad habits around your exercise routine, and give your feet the attention and care they need to stay healthy and free from infections.

The symptoms of athlete’s foot are uncomfortable and frustrating:

Diagnosing and treating athlete’s foot

At Town Center Foot & Ankle, we effectively treat cases of athlete’s foot, preventing recurrence and soothing your symptoms. To diagnose your athlete’s foot, we examine your feet and, if needed, take a small skin sample for lab testing.

Depending on the severity of your infection and symptoms, we recommend such treatment options as:

With the help of Dr. Eichelsdorfer and our Town Center Foot & Ankle care team, you can recover from your case of athlete’s foot, even if your symptoms are severe.

For professional evaluation and treatment of athlete’s foot, contact us now. You can schedule your appointment by calling or requesting an appointment online. We’re located in Kingwood and Atascocita, Texas.

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