Foods to Avoid When You Have Gout

Foods to Avoid When You Have Gout

Gout isn’t just a medieval foot condition. Although gout famously hampered several medieval kings, this painful form of arthritis that affects the feet is still a problem for many Americans today.

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Did you know that you can manage gout through dietary changes? The key is to reduce your intake of something called “purines.” Here’s what you need to know.

How do purines cause gout flare-ups?

If you have gout, your symptoms of pain and discomfort occur due to buildup of uric acid that crystallizes in your joints. These crystals cause pain when you try to move the affected joint.

Uric acid production in your body depends on the breakdown of purines. Purines are found in many foods and even in some beverages.

In order to reduce your risk of gout flare-ups, take control by modifying your diet to lower your purine intake levels. Medication and other strategies can help you prevent flare-ups, as well as reduce the intensity of your discomfort.

Foods to avoid if you have gout

Many of the foods rich in purines sound like dishes for a feast — one of the reasons gout was such a problem for wealthy people in the past. 

In order to lower your risk of gout flare-ups, avoid such foods and beverages as:

Also watch out for high-fructose foods and beverages like soft drinks and sugary juices, fast foods, candies, and sugary snacks.

Choosing a gout-healthy diet

In addition to avoiding foods high in purines, you can take steps to optimize your diet to reduce your gout symptoms. While you’re unlikely to be able to cure or manage gout through your diet alone, your food choices can make a big difference in your gout-related foot health and comfort.

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of fluids if you have gout, around 8-16 glasses a day, at least half water. Drinking orange juice in moderation can also help to lower your uric acid levels without too much high-fructose intake, as can caffeinated coffee.

Stick to low-purine foods

Low-purine foods that are better choices if you’re living with gout include:

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